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Power Hungry Performance Hydra Titan Unlock - 7.3-HYDRA-TITAN

Power Hungry Performance proudly presents the HydraFlash Titan Unlock: an expanded library for 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel trucks with modified injectors. Please allow up to 1-2 business days to process. Email will be sent when activation is complete.
NOTE: This product has the following shipping restriction(s):
  • Not available for sale in the state of California.
Pricing: $150.00

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NOTE: This product has the following shipping restriction(s):
  • Not available for sale in the state of California.


You already know the Hydra Chip as the most versatile chip on the market.  With an enormous library of free tunes for stock trucks and an open platform for custom tuners to utilize, the Hydra chip has become the go-to option for 7.3L Power Stroke owners.  Now it covers even more with our expanded library, The Hydra Titan Unlock. 

But now, you will use your Hydra S/N to gain access to the server and download files similar to the the "example list" down below. The file names will have your injector size in the name of the file to easily find your specific tunes for what injectors you are running. 

Titan Unlock includes tuning for the following single-shot injectors:

  • Stage 1 injectors (160cc-180cc with stock nozzles)
  • Stage 1.5 injectors (160cc-180cc with 30% nozzles)
  • Stage 2 injectors- Limited availability (160cc-180cc with 80/100% nozzles)
  • Stage 3 injectors (200cc, 238cc, or 250cc with up to 100% nozzles)

Titan Unlock DOES NOT include tuning for the following (these require truly custom tuning): 

  • Aggressively modified transmissions and/or torque converters
  • Aggressive single or dual HPOP systems
  • Large single or multiple turbo setups
  • Modified split-shot injectors
  • Injectors larger than 250cc or 100% nozzles
  • Alternate fuels (waste oil, propane, water meth, etc.)
  • Any other heavily modified parts

If you decide to go with larger worries. You can still access all those files for the larger injectors too as long as it is with the same Hydra serial number.

NOTE: You will ONLY gain access to the files for one Hydra chip Serial Number. So if you have more than one Hydra chip, you will have to purchase another Titan Unlock.  If you do not see your files on the server, please contact us or PHP to have them upload the corresponding files to the server for your particular BOX/HEX code.  PHP is working on getting all the files on the server, but they are loading the more common BOX/HEX code files first. Windows PC is required to run Hydraflash and load files.

Please type in your HYDRA Serial Number in the text box below the price **Please double check to be sure the number is correct. **

*If you are purchasing a new chip, then just type in the box "NA" and when we ship your new chip, we will get the S/N off the chip before we ship it. *

Availability:  Most of the common HEX codes are available in the Titan Unlock library.  If you need a HEX code added, please contact Power Hungry Performance.  

Refund policy:  Tunes will not be re-written for additional modifications.  If tuning does not work with the truck and a refund is needed, the Hydra chip must be mailed to Power Hungry Performance to be cleared off and a $25 fee will be taken off refund.  If there is any question whether these tunes will work with your application or not, please contact Power Hungry Performance before purchasing.



Please visit for frequently asked questions.



Stock or Modified Stock Useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes
25hp Extremely Heavy Tow 12,500+ pounds
40hp Heavy Tow 10,000 -12,500 pounds
65hp Moderate Tow 7,500 - 10,000 pounds
80hp Light Tow Up to 7,500 pounds
65hp Daily Driver Good for all-around daily driving and economy
80hp Daily Driver
65hp Performance A little more aggressive than a Daily Driver while still maintaining manageable smoke output
80hp Performance
100hp Performance*
100hp Race* Play time! Offers a more aggressive fuel curve for improved low RPM response and top end power
120hp Race*
140hp Extreme* This is as big as it gets! (On stock injectors, anyway)
High Idle - 1,000rpm Ideal for PTO operation or for faster warm-ups. We do not recommend exceeding 1,200rpm for safety reasons.
High Idle - 1,100rpm
High Idle - 1,200rpm
Whisper Mode™ Hit the drive-thru and place your order or do your banking without having to shut off your truck
Valet Mode 25 mph Lowers the speed limiter
Valet Mode 35 mph
Valet Mode 45 mph
Teen Driver™ 65mph Locks the speed limiter at 65mph
Teen Driver™ 75mph Locks the speed limiter at 75 mph


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