Where do I send my HPOP core to?

Cores are shipped to our shop at 1103 S Main St, Bryan, OH 43506. Instructions and form are located in the "Support" section in the website footer.

Where are the injector documents I will need?

  • Injector registration- https://cncfab.us/pdf/185646
  • Core return info- https://cncfab.us/pdf/185476
  • Sending core first- https://cncfab.us/pdf/185475

When will my core fee be refunded?

Depending on workload core refund may not be processed immediately upon delivery. Refunds to credit/debit cards can take 72 hours or more after we initiate the refund. To check refund status on a credit/debit card you can call your bank or card holder and give them the transaction number from the credit memo emailed once the refund is processed by CNC Fabrication. All core charges will be refunded via your method of payment (credit card, PayPal or check), with the exception of rusted, damaged beyond repair, or coked cores (not accepted).

I need new starter bolts for my 7.3, what size do I need with the Denso starter?

If your original bolts came loose, broke or are missing you can get grade 8.8 M10x1.5-40mm bolts to replace them.