Core Policy

OH Motorsports, LLC and CNC Fabrication, LLC rely on returned cores to continuously supply customers with the correct high-quality remanufactured components. For that reason, we ask that cores be returned on a style-for-style or like-for-like basis. Before returning core, please read our core policy to be sure you meet our core acceptance guidelines.

General Policy, Core Acceptance

Damaged Cores

  • Cores damaged as a result of improper packaging may be subject to rejection. It is the shipper's responsibility to properly package core.
  • Core that is damaged by non-operational causes such as rough handling, fire, improper removal or improper protection during storage is not acceptable.


  • Rust that occurs on exterior surfaces of components exposed to weather conditions from normal operating conditions is acceptable. Interior surfaces and components, such as rods, or any machined surface can only have light flash rust. Heavy rust due to improper storage is not acceptable.
  • Assemblies must be complete and contain their original component parts.
  • No attempts to rebuild or make an assembly from mismatched parts are acceptable.
  • Improper removal, storage, or packaging of a core could result in the rejection of the component.

Core Return Procedure

  • Keep all original packaging of your new item to be used for the core return.
  • Drain all fluids out of the core before returning (oil, fuel, etc.). Core package may not be accepted if fluid remains.
  • Place any plastic plugs or caps received on the new item back onto the core.
  • To ensure carrier will not reject package due to oil or fuel leak, place or wrap core in a leak proof item such as a plastic bag or similar.
  • Place core inside the box and pack securely.
  • Include copy of original invoice or competed core return form in the box. If we do not have original box with S/N, original invoice or core return form, we cannot refund your core return.

Mismatched Cores

  • Mismatched cores will have a reduced refund amount if accepted.
  • Examples are 96-03 7.3L HPOP core sent in for 94.5-95 7.3L HPOP will be reduced 25%. PMR rods on a forged rod 7.3L engine order will be reduced by current market for forged rod replacement.
  • Example of a mismatched core that will be rejected would be 05-10 cast 6.0L HPOP core for an 03-04 aluminum 6.0L HPOP. No components are similar or exchange between the two so that would not be accepted.

***Please Note: Core must be returned in 90 days with 10% handling fee after 45 days. After 90 days the core refund amount will be 50%, unless arrangements were previously made. Contact Customer Service to make arrangements.

Standard core terms are:

  • 0-45 days = 100% credit back to customer
  • 46-90 days = 90% credit back to customer
  • 91 days + = 50% credit unless arrangements were previously made, Contact Customer Service

Unusable cores will not receive credit and will be disposed of if the customer does not wish to pay for return shipping on unusable cores. Please reach out with any questions here- Contact Customer Service